Volunteering at the ReStore

We need your help!

The ReStores exist to raise money for building and repairing homes here in Washington & Dodge counties by reselling donated items to the public at a fraction of their original price. We need your help to do this! Whether you’ve got a couple of open days a week or just an afternoon a month you’d like to donate, every contribution you make helps Habitat for Humanity in its mission to end substandard housing in your community and all over the world – all without lifting a hammer or getting on a ladder!

So, do you love brightening people’s day? Do you like working with customers? Do you enjoy taking things apart or putting them back together? Can you drive a truck? Are you good on a cash register? Let us know! Whatever your skill set, we’d love to have you help us out. We’ll work around your schedule! Come meet our incredible customers and have a blast with our volunteer team!

ReStore Clerk

    • • Operate cash register
    • • Speak with customers regarding donation acceptance and rejection
    • • Greet, serve, and help customers find what they need
    • • Clean donated items and prepare them for pricing and the floor
    • • Manage staging for movement to floor

Donation Ambassador

    • • Drive or ride along on our 15 foot box truck to help pick up donations or  deliver customer ReStore purchases
    • • Move and pack goods in and out of truck
    • • Keep records of deliveries

Recycling Room Specialist

    • • Break down products into individual parts which can be recycled or reused
    • • Keep Recycling Room organized and clean


Interested in Volunteering? Contact the ReStore Location directly that you are interested in for info on volunteering.